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The 10 highest paid athletes worldwide

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Ranking 2021 These are the highest paid athletes in the world

The US magazine “Forbes” selects the highest paid athletes in the world every year. Who is leading the ranking this year? An overview of the top ten.

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Whether as a soccer star, basketball hero or American football player – professional athletes earn millions not only through their athletic achievements.

Sponsorship and advertising contracts also bring the prominent athletes high-value additional income. The richest among them are listed in the annual Forbes ranking of the highest paid athletes.

In the past ten months, the top ten top earners among athletes have made a whopping $ 1.05 billion. That is 28 percent more than in the previous year.

These are the world’s best paid athletes in the current ranking for 2021

Place 10: Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets – Basketball (NBA)

Kevin Durant is a professional basketball player and is currently under contract with the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA – his annual income puts him tenth in this year’s “Forbes” ranking of the highest paid athletes. The Brooklyn Nets pay the NBA star a sizeable $ 31 million a year. Off the field, Kevin Durant makes around $ 44 million on advertising deals. Overall, the athlete earned in 2020 $ 75 million.

9th place: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – American Football (NFL)

Tom Brady, the best quarterback of all time, made it to the ninth highest paid athlete in the world this year. Last year Brady was still in 21st place in the “Forbes” ranking. Thanks to his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, with whom he won the Super Bowl title in his first season there, Tom Brady has made $ 45 million in the past twelve months. In addition to his own brand TB12, there are numerous advertising deals with partners such as Under Armor, IWC Schaffhausen and T-Mobile, which add an additional $ 31 million to his cash register. Tom Brady’s income last year is about $ 76 million. At the age of 43, Brady left the most lucrative year of his career to date.

8th place: Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is eighth of the highest paid athletes in the world this year. Hamilton won his seventh world championship title as a Formula 1 racing driver in 2020, drawing level with the previous record world champion Michael Schumacher. The Mercedes driver earned around 70 million US dollars as a racing driver last year. Added to this are revenues of around $ 12 million from advertising contracts with Tommy Hilfiger, Monster Energy and Puma. Overall, Lewis Hamilton thus earned $ 82 million last year.

7th place: Roger Federer, tennis

Swiss tennis professional Roger Federer came in seventh this year. While he topped the list last year with an income of 106.3 million US dollars, this year it is only enough for seventh place and a still considerable income of around $ 90 million. The tennis star’s advertising partners include companies such as Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse, Rolex and Barilla.

Rank 6: Neymar Jr., Paris-Saint-Germain – Fußball (Ligue 1)

In sixth place among the top earners among professional athletes is soccer player Neymar Jr .. According to the “Forbes” ranking 2021. Neymar, who is under contract with the French first division club Paris-Saint-Germain, will receive around 76 million US dollars this year.

The Brazilian receives another 19 million dollars in income from advertising contracts with partners such as DAZN, Puma or Red Bull. With an annual income of stately $ 95 million Neymar Jr. is one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. Only two other footballers earn more than him.

5th place: LeBron James, LA Lakers – Basketball (NBA)

As in the previous year, fifth place among the best-paid athletes in 2021 goes to professional basketball player LeBron James. The NBA star, who is under contract with the LA Lakers, receives a salary of $ 31.5 million annually. Sponsorship agreements with well-known brands such as Nike, Pepsi, AT&T and Beats Electronics ensure additional income of 65 million US dollars for LeBron James. All in all, this results in an annual income of 96.5 Million US dollars – no other basketball player deserves more.

Platz 4: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys – American Football (NFL)

In fourth place is American football player Dak Prescott according to the “Forbes” 2021 ranking. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback earned approximately $ 97.5 million last year. A $ 66 million signing bonus embedded in his new four-year contract ensures Dak Prescott has made more than $ 100 million in the past twelve months.

In addition to the $ 97.5 million salary from the Dallas Cowboys, another $ 10 million will come off the football field. Dak Prescott has advertising deals with 7/11 or DirecTV. With an annual income of handsome $ 107.5 million, the quarterback is the highest paid American football player in the world.

Place 3: Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus Turin – Soccer (Serie A)

Probably no other footballer polarizes more than the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. As a striker at the top Italian club Juventus Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo earns 70 million US dollars a year.

His status as a superstar in the football industry also earned him a number of advertising deals. Ronaldo’s around 288 million Instagram followers also give an idea of ​​the charisma the footballer has around the globe – that makes him interesting for many international companies. As the main face of the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike, as well as numerous other advertising deals, Cristiano Ronaldo earns another 50 million dollars. Together this results in an annual income of $ 120 million and third place in the “Forbes” ranking.

Place 2: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona – soccer (La Liga)

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi came in second this year. The superstar of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona, ​​who recently attracted attention with changing headlines, is considered one of the best footballers of all time and is therefore not only an asset for his club, but also for numerous advertising partners. FC Barcelona rewards the football star’s sporting achievements with a considerable sum of 97 million US dollars annually. Lucrative advertising deals with companies like Pepsi, MasterCard or the sporting goods supplier Adidas make Lionel Messi an additional 33 million dollars this year. All in all, the exceptional footballer took $ 130 million in the past twelve months. He is therefore the top earner among footballers in 2021.

1st place: Conor McGregor, MMA fighter

MMA fighter Conor McGregor made it to first place this year. He is thus the first mixed martial arts fighter since the beginning of the “Forbes” ranking of the highest paid athletes in 1990 to top the list. Despite a loss in the UFC 257 fight against Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor paid for his invested time with $ 22 million. But the majority of his income is due to his whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve attributed. The advertising partners of the MMA fighter include companies such as Monster Energy, Reebok, Beats Electronics and Burger King. Overall, Conor McGregor generated revenue of last year $ 180 million – absolute top value among athletes.

The world’s highest paid athletes in 2021 in the table

place Name Land Revenue 2020
1. Conor McGregor Ireland 180 Mio. US Dollar
2. Lionel Messi Argentina 130 Mio. US Dollar
3. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 120 Mio. US Dollar
4. Dak Prescott USA 107.5 million US Dollar
5. LeBron James USA 96.5 Mio. US Dollar
6. Neymar Brazil 95 Mio. US Dollar
7. Roger Federer Switzerland 90 Mio. US Dollar
8. Lewis Hamilton Great Britain 82 Mio. US Dollar
9. Tom Brady USA 76 Mio. US Dollar
10. Kevin Durant USA 75 Mio. US Dollar
A total of $ 1.05 billion

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