That’s why fewer people can now be boosted

The demand for booster vaccinations in Switzerland has recently stagnated. According to the BAG, one reason is the infectivity of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

the essentials in brief

  • In Switzerland, 40.6 percent have so far had themselves boosted against the corona virus.
  • The demand for the booster vaccination has stagnated in recent weeks.
  • The BAG sees the infectivity of omicron as one of the possible explanations.

For a good two and a half months, the general population in Switzerland has been able to get boosters against the corona virus. The federal government’s refresher campaign started with the handbrake on. Then many cantons rebuilt their vaccination centers.

However, since the rush to the vaccination centers in December, demand has dropped drastically. Booster muffles have told that they would rather undergo an antibody test before being pricked a third time. In addition, the obligation to obtain a certificate could soon be a thing of the past.

Infectiousness of omicron variant of the coronavirus slows demand

So far, 40.6 percent of the Swiss have had boosters against the corona virus. Demand has plummeted in recent weeks. What could be the reason? The BAG will provide possible explanations on request.

“One of them is that many people are currently becoming infected, including those who have been vaccinated with two doses. The booster vaccination is then no longer necessary – or only four months later.” This explains a BAG spokeswoman when asked by

Are you boosted against the coronavirus?

Furthermore, Omikron leads to less serious illnesses, so that young people feel less affected.

No vaccine doses thrown away yet

The BAG rates the previous development of the booster vaccination as “rather satisfactory”. Because so far two thirds of the eligible people and over 80 percent of the over 65-year-olds have had boosters.

As of now, no vaccine doses have expired and should have been thrown away because of their shelf life. “We’re just trying to meet demand. The situation is constantly being monitored and the delivery quantities are being adjusted,” said the BAG.

The BAG is in close contact with the vaccine manufacturers. The spokeswoman explains: “We have the option – depending on the demand of the cantons – to reduce or postpone deliveries.”

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