That’s how much it has increased

That’s how much it has increased

Now food is getting more expensive.

On Wednesday morning, DinSide is in the process of price checking goods in stores. A round at the Oda online store shows that prices have increased by just under 8 per cent since the previous price check, which was carried out last week.

From 25 January to 1 February, the sum in the shopping basket has increased from NOK 3,558 to NOK 3,835. An increase of NOK 277.

For now, the trends are that fruit and vegetables have similar prices, while the others have increased.

In a comment to DinSide, Anders Hansen, commercial director of Oda Norway, says that “the prices are already out of date”.

– The prices you submitted are already out of date, as this image changes hour by hour. Oda must always have the lowest prices, and in addition we save the customers a tedious trip to the store by delivering the food straight to the door, he says.

The case is updated.

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