Thailand-Taiwan hunts for murder of husband and wife, pregnant with twins, kills 4 criminals holding dual citizenship

from the causemurderThai people, 2 husband and wife are pregnant with twins, 4 died bySkills of Thai people, 2 nationalities, Thai-Taiwan Body found in the back of a parked BMX X4 SUV inside the parking lot The location of the high-speed train in Taoyuan Nai, an incident on June 8, 2022, made shocking news across the island of Taiwan, adding that the suspect had fled in Thailand.

At the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Pol Col. Krishna Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman.Royal Thai Police (Deputy spokesman for the police) on June 12, 2022, said that this has not yet been confirmed. from the official authorities of Taiwan which must be checked first whether it is an actual incident or not

and will verify that the Taiwanese authorities haveCoordinate with Thai authoritiesor not, especially the police and the police If there is coordination, how much cooperation with Taiwan must be considered. How can I help you? which must be considered in more detail

Pol Maj Gen Khemmarin Hassiri, Commander-in-Chief of the Foreign Affairs Division (Commander-in-Chief of the Foreign Affairs Division) Has been coordinated for cooperation in investigating and arresting the perpetrators Preliminary talks with the ambassador Taiwan Police Department From June 10, the official book is expected to arrive on Monday, June 13.

However, the Thai and Taiwanese police have good cooperation if requestedtrack down the perpetratorwill be considered for follow-up and arrest In the reciprocal principle, becauseThere is no extradition treaty.

Reporters reported that The police must consider that Has the perpetrator renounced Thai nationality? because he was informed that the perpetrator is currently holding a Taiwanese nationality But from the preliminary examination, it was found thatThe perpetrator was still holding a Thai


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