Thai stock market conditions: closed down 0.83 volatile point, sold out of retail groups – hospitals, the pressure was not reached.

The SET closed today at 1,682.11 points, down 0.83 points (-0.05%), trading value of 57,927.46 million baht.

stock trading today Volatile movement, swinging upward, moving in positive territory. Switch to swing down in negative territory. Before coming back to close a small negative The highest level was 1,687.51 points and the lowest level was 1,678.71 points.

As for securities, today’s changes increased 456 securities, decreased 959 securities and 557 securities remained unchanged.

Mr. Chaiyaporn Nompitakcharoen Deputy Managing Director of Personal Securities, Bualuang Securities said that the Thai stock market today is quite volatile. with pressure from retail groups and hospitals with selling pressure to pressure the index This may be a profit selling pressure after the recent response to the supportive factor about the recovery of tourism. and measures to stimulate the economy have already gone a lot

At the same time, the index is still moving within the range and has not been able to rise to the level of 1,700 points, so when it rises near the first resistance near the 1,690 point area, there is selling pressure. causing the image of the index to fluctuate in the frame And today’s factor about raising the Thai policy interest rate by 0.25%, the market did not respond in any way in particular. As for Asian stock markets, most of the opening hours rose.

Tomorrow’s trend is expected to move sideways in the frame. while the market is still waiting for new factors to come in In particular, the US Federal Reserve meeting in February will show how the US monetary policy will be sent out. And tomorrow, follow the US economic data report for the 4th quarter of 2022.

with resistance 1,690-1,700 points, support 1,670-1,680 points

The top 5 most traded securities

BEM, trading value 2,556.72 million baht, closed at 10.00 baht, an increase of 0.25 baht.

KBANK, trading value 2,024.99 million baht, closed at 143.50 baht, unchanged price

BDMS, trading value 1,709.63 million baht, closed at 29.00 baht, down 0.50 baht

DELTA trading value 1,663.61 million baht, closed at 894.00 baht, an increase of 10.00 baht

CPALL trading value 1,565.21 million baht, closed at 69.75 baht, a decrease of 0.25 baht.


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