Test shows: So much better battery life with Promotion screen

Iphone 13 and Iphone 13 Pro have the same screen size and almost identical processors. The previous one has a slightly larger battery (3,227 mAh) compared to the Iphone 13 Pro (3,100 mAh), which in theory should give the cheaper Iphone model slightly better battery life. But this is not really the case, according to a new test.

It is the Youtube channel Phonebuff that tested battery life in an Iphone 13 and an Iphone 13 Pro. The Pro model lasted nine minutes longer than the regular 13 model, despite a smaller battery. One of the explanations may be the Promotion screen, which can switch between 10 Hz up to 120 Hz, depending on what is displayed on the screen. Iphone 13 is locked to only 60 Hz.

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According to Apple’s own specifications, the Iphone 13 Pro can last a full three hours longer than its smaller sibling, when the user watches video, but we did not see such good results here. The whole test can be seen in the video above.

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