Test – Ring Video Doorbell 4

Introduction :

Test – Ring Video Doorbell 4

While a few months ago (December 2020) we offered you the Video Doorbell 3 connected video doorbell test, we have just received version 4. It has been available for several weeks at a price of 199 euros. So what’s up with this fourth generation Video Doorbell 4 ? Aesthetically, little or no really noticeable change. We remain of course on a wireless model, Wi-Fi and still easy to install.

This new generation plays on the improvement of the functions of the previous generation with enhanced video previews, an improved Wi-Fi connection, a rechargeable battery as well as the pre-selected quick answer function, to answer when you are busy. You will also be able to benefit thanks to Pre-Roll video preview the recording of a 4-second video clip, in color, which corresponds to the 4 seconds before motion is detected. You will never miss any event in front of your front door.

This new Video Doorbell 4 remains of course compatible with the excellent Ring software on smartphones. Now that we have described it to you, let’s see what is hidden inside this package.

Thank you to Ring for its trust and for making this Video Doorbell 4 connected doorbell available to us.


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