“Teslabot welcome spot”… Boston Dynamics, Hyundai Motor Group’s Robot Competition ‘Confidence’

Boston Dynamics online media conference held
Robot Platform Spot Stretch Atlas Introduction
“Hyundai Motor Group will be a great home”
Expectation of Hyundai Motor Group’s manufacturing and supply chain operation know-how
Hyundai Motor Group’s first collaborative ‘robot dog’ spot input review
Commercialization of the second robot ‘Stretch’ next year
Warehouse automation ‘carton transport and sorting’ solution

“We welcome Tesla’s entry into the robot industry”

Boston Dynamics, an American robot company that was acquired by Hyundai Motor Group in June, said this at a media conference held on the 10th. The emergence of a competitor is encouraging, as the development of new robots will bring potential value to the industry as a whole.

In addition, Boston Dynamics has been devoted to basic scientific research for nearly decades to develop robots, and through cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group, it will accelerate the development of robot technology and gain preemptive competitiveness over other companies. He expressed confidence that he expects more companies to enter the robotics industry.

On the same day, Boston Dynamics announced the direction of cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group. Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Platter said, “I am very excited to join the Hyundai Motor Group. .

CEO Robert Platter also evaluated the Hyundai Motor Group as a great home for Boston Dynamics. This is because it perfectly matches the future of mobility mobility pursued by Hyundai Motor Group and the direction pursued by Boston Dynamics. . It is said that the first collaborative project is to put the spot into production facilities and use it as a mobile inspection and perimeter security solution. Aaron Sounders, Boston Dynamics CTO, said, “In terms of technology, we plan to work with Hyundai Motor Group to establish a product roadmap and continue to explore ways in which new capabilities and functions can create value in the next-generation robot platform.” We share a common vision with Hyundai Motor Group on improving mobility functionality, and Boston Dynamics’ robotics technology will be able to contribute to smart mobility.” He said that although he has not yet considered a plan to sell Spot to consumers, which is being used only in industrial sites, there is a possibility of reviewing it in the future.

Boston Dynamics Spot

Spot is Boston Dynamics’ first commercial robot. was released last year. They are also called ‘robot dogs’ because they are made to walk on four legs. It can collect and analyze data on its own, and it can lift objects by attaching a ‘spot arm’. It can be put into hazardous facilities that are difficult for humans to access, and can perform duties such as facility inspection. Boston Dynamics reported that sales have increased significantly as hundreds of Spots are now in full-fledged sales around the world.

At the media conference that day, major product introductions and demonstrations were also held. It introduced three robot platforms: Spot, Stretch, and Atlas. In particular, Stretch is the second most commercialized robot after Spot. It is a robot designed for warehouse automation, and introduced that it was developed as an alternative to human logistics. It can move in and out of the container and has an arm that can lift a box weighing 50 pounds (about 23 kg). It was developed to move about 800 boxes per hour while avoiding collision with the wall inside the container and recognizing the type of box to select and lift it. It is said that it is considering a plan to use Stretch for warehouse automation such as unloading trucks with Hyundai Motor Group.

Boston Dynamics Stretch

Atlas, a bipedal humanoid robot that recently became a hot topic through a video of a parkour demonstration, was also introduced. However, Atlas said that it has no plans to commercialize it as a platform for robot research. He explained that the Atlas platform will be used to enhance the technical perfection applied to real robots and improve stability.

This media conference was the first official event held by Boston Dynamics after joining the Hyundai Motor Group, and was prepared to share the status of robot development and future plans. In particular, it is evaluated that it was an event to confirm the direction of cooperation between the Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics, which entered the robot field first amid Tesla’s recent announcement of its entry into the robot market.

Boston Dynamics Atlas

“In terms of technology, the future of the automotive industry and the robotics industry is similar,” said CEO Robert Platter. He said, “We have to process a lot of information and the parts where the batteries are mounted are similar.” Regarding the future of Boston Dynamics, he said, “Our mission is to imagine and create special robots that enrich people’s lives, which is the driving force behind our business. It will play a role.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Group announced in December last year that it would acquire an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics from Softbank for about 1 trillion won. Afterwards, Hyundai Motor (30%), Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun (20%), Hyundai Mobis (20%), and Hyundai Glovis (10%) participated in the investment and finalized the acquisition in June.

Reporter Min-beom Kim, Donga.com [email protected]

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