tensions between the sports sector and the presidency of Anglet Hormadi

Thrown into the lion’s den for a few games, the new coach Pierrick Rézard works with the means at hand. For the moment, he is unanimous with the entire sports sector, for his involvement with the Magnus team and his fundamental work with the amateur. But are the sports staff listened to by the leaders? It is not a certainty according to the different components of the club.

Contradictory presidency?

The English club has still been without a front-line center since the departure of Ilya Zubov at the end of August. All the more handicapping, since Hormadi urgently needs offensive reinforcements to compensate for the injuries of Bastien Zago and Alexey Polodyan: on the ice since Sunday morning, the latter should return in a few days, while Bastien Zago, who has the affected shoulder tendon will last a few weeks.

These various adventures seem to annoy supporters of the Bar. Via the networks, some of the supporters have been leading a rebellion with the management in recent days. Some are outright asking the question of a radical change at the head of the club.

Robson arrives today

The Hormadi still sees, this Friday, the arrival of a big name in front of the nets, in the presence of the Canadian goalkeeper: Mat Robson (26 years old). Goalkeeper of 1.91 m for 86 kg, originally from Ontario, he arrives straight from the AHL (NHL antechamber). A big hit for the English sports staff, since Mat Robson had signed an entry contract in the NHL with the Minnesota Wild only three years ago in 2019. Since then, he has made the happiness of the Iowa Wild, the Minnesota Affiliate AHL Team. Alongside in particular a certain Kaapo Kähkönen, Finnish goalkeeper who is currently making a career in the NHL for connoisseurs.


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