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ten years in prison for killing her violent partner

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Alexandra Richard, 42, was convicted of “willful violence resulting in death without intention to kill”, after fatally shooting her partner in 2016.

A 42-year-old woman was sentenced to ten years in prison in Rouen for “Willful violence resulting in death without intention of giving it”, after fatally shooting her violent partner in 2016, we learned on the night of Thursday 26 to Friday 27 November. “Yes he was a violent man”, had estimated in the evening the lawyer general Corinne Gérard before the Assize Court of Seine-Maritime, “But you cannot respond to violence with violence”. Ten years in prison had been required.

“I can’t explain the verdict to myself, I’m in shock. The penalty is heavy. Alexandra is not a criminal ”, declared his lawyer Nathalie Tomasini, who was the counsel of Jacqueline Sauvage, condemned to have killed her husband before being pardoned at the end of 2016.

On October 16, 2016, Alexandra Richard shot her 36-year-old husband with a hunting rifle at their home in Montreuil-en-Caux, when the latter, alcoholic, had just risen from his chair, threatening her with him “Kick your ass”. This mother of three children, one of whom she had had with the victim, was being prosecuted for the murder of her spouse, but the general counsel requested a requalification in “Willful violence resulting in death without intention of giving it”. On the other hand for the magistrate, it is not an accident, contrary to what the defense pleads.

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“It’s not what I wanted”

At the bar, the accused with a clean criminal record admitted to having loaded the weapon. But “That he died, that’s not what I wanted”, assured Alexandra Richard, who had been in a relationship for about two years with this man, sentenced in 1999 for having shot a rival in love. “It was a deterrent weapon. I wanted (…) run away with my children ”, added the accused, who said “Regret everything that happened”. According to her account, her husband had started drinking whiskey in the morning before insulting her and being violent with her again. “Even in prison, I slept better than next to him. Nobody hit me ”, explained Alexandra Richard who made provisional detention.

“You have suffered physical and sexual violence”, added his lawyer Nathalie Tomasini. “Alexandra Richard is a beautiful person, she was the ideal prey. There is domination and control, the control will allow physical, sexual and economic violence. She had to be of service to him, whether it was sexually or for household chores. He considered her to be his whore or his housekeeper ”, pleaded Me Tomasini.

For the lawyer of the parents of the deceased, Rose-Marie Capitaine, on the other hand “There were excesses at (his) but from there to present him as a torturer, let’s avoid these excesses ”. And it is “Not possible to hold back manslaughter or fatal blows”. “If it’s to scare you, no need to load the gun”, she argued. Alexandra Richard, who could face up to twenty years in prison, has ten days to appeal.

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