Tempearl Industrial GB-102EC 100A 15MA Earth-leakage circuit breaker GB102EC100A15MA[Non-cancelable product]Tempearl Industrial GB-102EC 100A 15MA Earth-leakage circuit breaker GB102EC100A15MA: Edenki for measuring instruments and tools [QvniFxl]

Tempearl Industrial 082-287-9110

● Features: Basically, we have advanced technological development capabilities and accumulated know-how. With terminal cover. (GB-403EA is sold separately.)
● Specifications: Surface type terminal / crimp terminal method (crimp terminal included)
● Type: Earth-leakage circuit breaker
●Quality (kg): 0.65
● Type: E series / economic type
●Number of poles: 2P
● Frame: 100AF
●Inch A (mm): 130 (160)
●Inch D(mm): 80
● Rated current (A): 100
●Size B (mm): 75
●Inch C(mm): 60
●JIS specification: JIS C 8201-2-2 Ann2
● Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV): 6
● Rated sensitivity current (mA): 15
● Overcurrent stripping method: Thermal electromagnetic
● Reverse connection: Possible
● Number of elements: 2E
● Rated breaking capacity (kA) (lcu / lcs): (100V) 10/3 (200V) 10/3


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