Television. Patrimoines de France looks back on the wonderful history of flax in Finistère

Heritage of France is a nice show from the channel Public Senate on the regions, their history and their heritage, which does not sink too much into the postcard. In addition, the short format (thirty minutes) avoids nose-diving in front of the screen. After a part devoted to silk in the Cévennes, the documentary is devoted to linen, in Finistère.

With the great discoveries in the XVIe century and sea crossings, linen has established itself in clothing, sails and packaging. A godsend for Léon, in the north of the department and its oceanic climate. Roscoff, almost the last port before the Atlantic, imported seeds from the Baltic while a short distance from there, Morlaix was the hub of commercial exchanges taking place on a global scale.

Some peasants who have become merchants have made a fortune in flax, even financing parish enclosures, hoping to gain paradise more quickly. Linen had its golden age before declining. An interesting documentary that also shows enthusiasts, historians and craftsmen picking up the thread…

This Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 6 p.m., on Public Senate.


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