Tech & Trara live at Fintech Week

We were already represented live at the soultions x DILK with our podcast Tech & Trara. And I can tell you: we tasted blood. It’s great fun to speak in front of an audience, to be able to involve them and to create a common situation in which everyone feels they belong.

So we’re all the more pleased to be at Fintech Week with Tech & Trara. Here we are speaking in Hamburg on 23. November a 4 p.m. with finletter– and Fintech Week founder Clas Beese on the subject of “What does a cashless society look like?”

Clas knows exactly what is going on in the fintech world and which new technologies are on the advance here. But he told us that with all the hype and optimism in the fintech scene, he missed the social discourse. Here we jump in and want to do exactly that in our live podcast. We want to understand the fintech world better and discuss with you what questions we should ask ourselves, what role metadata play in financial transactions and how cashless payments are changing our relationship to money.

If you want to be there, you can Get a free ticket here. The event is 2G. So think of your vaccination or health certificate.

Moritz Stoll

can do a lot, but nothing really. Likes to deal with tech and tricks a lot, is an integral part of the Netzpiloten editorial team and moderates the Netzpiloten podcast Tech and Trara. For him, the (digital) world is a place full of possibilities and exciting technologies that you can try out, work on and question.

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