Teammate reveals: Neymar isn’t just missing because of his ankle

Brazil’s superstar Neymar watched the 1-0 win in the second World Cup group match against Switzerland at the team hotel – but not only because of his ankle injury.

His teammate Vinicius Junior divulged after the game that the 30-year-old was also slightly ill.

Brazil: Vinicius Junior reveals Neymar illness

“He was sad that he couldn’t come, he’s feeling a little bad,” the winger told TV Globo: “Not just because of the foot, but also because of a little fever. I hope he recovers as soon as possible.”


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Neymar suffered a ligament injury in his right ankle in the 2-0 win against Serbia. It’s unclear when he can play again.

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He is not expected to play in Friday’s final group game against Cameroon, especially since Brazil have already reached the round of 16. (kk/sid)


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