Teahupo’o makes its first show in 2023

Teahupo’o makes its first show in 2023

By V.M.

It was expected and it did not disappoint: the first big swell of the season rocked the famous Tahitian spot during this last weekend of April

It was a weekend of territorial elections in French Polynesia. But also Teahupo’o awakening! More than ever under the spotlight since it was chosen to host the surfing events of the Paris 2024 Olympics, the famous Tahitian spot received, during the last days of April, the first big swell of the season. and deployed the crystalline cylinders which make its planetary fame.

From Friday 28, local surfers – including Vahine Fierro, video below – and international surfers, who came especially for this first big swell since the Code Red II last July, were able to feel the beginnings of this glorious weekend. Unfortunately for Tom Lowe, this “warm up” ended in hospital after the British charger suffered a severe crash (video below) which left him with a punctured lung and five broken ribs.

Orange vigilance and a decree prohibiting nautical activities did not discourage surfers and Teahupo’o increased the pressure on Saturday 29, before moving on to “serious” things on Sunday 30. Anthology of waves:

And while the little prince of Teahupo’o, Kauli Vaast, honed his backside surfing near Snapper Rocks in anticipation of the first Challenger Series of the season scheduled from May 6 to 13, it was his little brother Naiki who put on the show on behalf of the siblings.

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