Teachers do Paris-Roubaix in the opposite direction to protest against the lack of human resources

It is normally the queen of cycling classics. But when you take it in the opposite direction and without mythical cobblestone sectors, Roubaix-Paris does not have exactly the same symbolism. That’s good, because it is precisely to make an impression that five teachers from Roubaix have decided to join their city to the capital in four days of cycling. Leaving Tuesday noon from the northern city, they will drive to the Ministry of Education to make their claims heard on the lack of resources in National Education.

“There is a real lack of resources in terms of personnel. For example in the North, at the start of the school year in September, there were 124 positions without anyone on them because of a lack of recruitment. As a result, we are going to draw from the pool of substitute teachers but this in turn leads to replacement problems elsewhere. This year, we were told from the outset that absent teachers would not be replaced. On average, there are today 400 unreplaced classes. “, deplores François Vandergoten, substitute bicycle teacher and co-secretary of the SNUipp-FSU union.

The replacement problems do not date from the Covid

And the problem does not date from the Omicron variant which adds difficulty to the difficulty with its share of contaminations. These replacement problems have been structural for several years. “The Covid has made this situation much more visible. But before when a teacher was not replaced, the students were divided into other classes which impacted the students and the teachers. But the problem was invisible. While with the new health protocol, parents are impacted because they have to look after their children if a teacher is absent. »

In their journey between Roubaix and Paris, the teachers, who went on strike to participate in this action, collect the grievances of colleagues from other academies who welcome them every evening (Beauvais this Thursday, after Arras and Amiens). They hope to be able to hand them over to the ministry on Friday afternoon, so that this cyclo-prof hike is not just symbolic.


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