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Teacher Beheaded for Showing Caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, This Said the President of France

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PARIS, KOMPAS.comPresident of France Emmanuel Macron reacted following a news guru beheaded because it shows a caricature Nabi Muhammad.

In the attack which occurred at 17.00 local time around the school, the perpetrator was shot dead by police who came to the location.

To you media at the location as reported BBC Friday (16/10/2020), Macron called the case an attack carried out by terrorists.

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“One of our citizens was killed today (Friday) because he was teaching, he was teaching freedom of expression,” he said.

During a meeting of the French parliament, the deputy chairperson then stood up and held a moment of silence in honor of the murdered teacher.

Home Minister Gerald Darmanin, who was on a visit to Morocco, reportedly returned home following the incident.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer tweeted in which he called the teacher’s murder an attack on the state.

Blanquer conveyed his condolences to the victims and their families, and called for unity and firmness as weapons against these extremists.

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Like what happened?

It all started when the perpetrator, carrying a large knife, attacked the teacher on the streets of the city of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, where the educator was beheaded.

Based on reports Reuters, a police source revealed that the perpetrator had shouted something before running away.

Police discovered their action after receiving reports from residents, where law enforcers confronted the man on the streets of Eragny district.

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When the authorities shouted for the suspect to surrender, the perpetrator responded by threatening them and shooting him dead.

To the local media, sources from the judiciary said nine people, including minors, had been arrested in connection with the attack.

Those suspected of being arrested are the relatives of the attacker and the parents of the students the teacher taught before being killed.

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Who are the victims?

Local media The world preached, the educator is a teacher in the field of History and Geography, where at the time of the incident he taught freedom of expression.

He taught by tying it to a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, which was released by a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and reap the wrath of global Muslims.

The unidentified educator has asked Muslim students to leave the classroom if they feel offended by his teaching.

Then in early October, a number of Muslim parents filed complaints to the school about the teacher’s decision to use the cartoon.

“Based on my son’s admission, he is a person who is super fun, super friendly, and likes to make friends,” said the student’s parent, Nordine Chaouadi, to AFP.

In response to the murder, Charlie Hebdo stated that intolerance had reached a new limit and that terror could not be stopped in France.

“Wine Country” has experienced a wave of violence due to extremists since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in 2015, in which 12 people died.

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