Teacher arrested after relationship with 14-year-old student in the US was discovered: she will be tried for abuse | Society

Media in the United States reported the arrest of a 31-year-old teacher, after it was discovered that had a romantic relationship with a 14-year-old student. The link became known after the sister checked the teenager’s phone.

According to People magazine, the woman was identified as Brittiny López-Murray, who taught at a public school in the Hialeah area, in the urban area of ​​Miami.

For the above, the defendant faces charges of lewd assault, sexual abuse, and having relations with a minor.

The relationship between the two lasted between the months of August and September of this year. López-Murray was transferred earlier this week to a Miami Dade County jail.

The love

Police records indicate that the two met at Hialeah college years ago. The relationship started when the adolescent changed establishment. At that time both began to exchange photos.

For now, the investigation confirmed that both had relationships at least five times in the teacher’s car, in a place far from the city.

Police file

The situation developed in this way until in mid-September the young man’s sister checked his cell phone.

There he found Sexual messages and explicit photos that both were sent during the two months.

Later, this information reached the teenager’s father, who filed a complaint with the police in Miami.

When questioned, the student maintained that it all started when the teacher wrote him a message through WhatsApp “where he expressed his feelings towards him.”

From the Miami Dade school district they indicated that the teacher was fired from her job, also being banned from teaching in that state.

“All employees receive training classes and are expected to abide by the District’s Standards of Ethical Conduct. It is unfortunate that despite our efforts, some people behave contrary to the behavior expected of them. Due to this arrest, M-DCPS will begin the process to fire this teacher and prevent her from looking for work in the district in the future, ”they said in a statement.



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