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Taylor Swift talks about her notorious weight gain and how she has endured it

Singer Taylor Swift, who started his career at 15, will fulfill 30 the next December 13, reason the one that spoke with the magazine Elle US on “The 30 things he learned before he turned 30”, within them, he mentioned how he has dealt with his weight gain and has learned “To stop hating every bit of fat in your body”.

In 2017 appeared some photographs of the singer giving a concert with Ed Sheeran for the tour Reputation, where they noticed some “extra pounds”. “I have worked hard to retrain to my brain and to think that a little extra weight means curves, brighter hair and more energy “, said to Elle.

Taylor Swift
SAN JOSE, CA – DECEMBER 02: Taylor Swift performs during 99.7 NOW! POPTOPIA at SAP Center on December 2, 2017 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images)
(Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images)

I think a lot of us try too hard to be on a diet, but taking it too far can be really dangerous. There is no fix quickly. I’m working on accepting my body every day. “

Among other things, he also told how he deals with stress: “I make regressive accounts of things that I’m excited about. When I’ve gone through dark and bad stages, I’ve always found a bit of relief and hope in having an application that counts down and add things I crave. “

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
(Getty Images)

In short, his way of thinking has evolved so that he does not let the present affect him, no matter how strong, and prefers to focus on the fact that life goes on, that it should not stop and that better things will always come.

Speaking of music, the singer confirmed that she will release a record before she turns 30.


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