Talking about your loneliness, still a taboo in Côte-d’Or?

A common feeling but not yet sufficiently shared. Loneliness is highlighted this Sunday, January 23 on the occasion of the 5th National Solitudes Day. Isolation in all its forms, which concerns millions of French people: loneliness would affect 1 in 5 people (!) according to a latest survey by the IFOP Institute conducted for the Astrée association.

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A Dijon branch of the Astrée association

This is why the association has established itself in 22 major French cities to fight against an often invisible scourge. The Dijon branch is part of the list: created 2 years ago, about fifteen volunteers support about fifteen people. Once alerted to the need, the volunteer meets the person to follow. A discussion follows once a week, 1h to 1h30, face-to-face, by telephone or via applications.

The Astrée association is also looking for new volunteers in Dijon. © Radio France
Alexandre Lepere

Especially in empathy, the volunteer adapts, leaving the choice of the subject of conversation. A work “different from that of the psychologist” according to volunteers. Listening and speaking time is about once a week, which is precious time for trust.

The Covid still weighs

Loneliness clashes, still at the time of the Covid and health restrictions. Something to annoy members like Colette Bour, a retired wheelchair user, who lives in Dole in the Jura, alone at home since the death of her husband at the end of 2019. If her 2 children are still hearing from her, the need is great. loneliness and sanitary restrictions.

She can no longer even participate in the life of the France Handicap association, in which she was involved… to get out of loneliness.

“Our association meetings are over until mid-February. But what are we replacing them with? While those who command us allow themselves to go to the restaurant, 20, 30 at the table between leaders. And we, we are puts us lower than the ground. The public authorities do nothing. The elderly are put in a corner, period.” bitterly regrets the retiree.

The public authorities do nothing. The elderly are put in a corner, period.” Colette Bour, an isolated retiree, followed by the Astrée association… and angry!

As a general rule, loneliness remains a taboo for many people, the proof according to Béatrice Coubar, volunteer for the Astrée association in Dijon. She accompanies single people and a problem remains today: it is still the relatives who make the intermediary.

For further, the Astrée association always needs volunteers. All you have to do is get closer to the premises of the association, the Maison des Associations at 2 Rue des Corroyeurs in Dijon, or on the following telephone number:

Béatrice Coubar, volunteer for the Astrée association in Dijon.
Béatrice Coubar, volunteer for the Astrée association in Dijon. © Radio France
Alexandre Lepere

If you are interested in joining the volunteer listening cell, there is no need for a diploma, you just have to follow a mini training course with the Astrée association.


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