Talk groups for the perpetrators of domestic violence launched by the Spip de Montluçon (Allier)

Around Perrine Cuisat and Laetitita Gisclard, marriage and family counselors in family planning in Puy-de-Dôme, and Pascale Sueur, author and actress, the perpetrators of domestic violence are confronted with the emotions of each stakeholder in a situation of violence.

The three women rely mainly on the short story La femme en rouge, written by Pascale Sueur, “to develop the capacity for empathy and work on the position of perpetrator and victim”.

The mirror effect

Very much in demand on the sidelines of the Grenelle on violence against women, the author and actress has worked a lot with associations to help victims. The Woman in Red tells the story of a man who killed his father as a child after multiple domestic violence against his mother. Facing the authors, Pascale Sueur interprets it in a meaningful way and it marks them.

“We try to set up a mirror effect with the authors’ own situation. We then try to identify the emotions, then work on avoidance strategies ”

In these support groups, the interest is twofold. It is a question of confronting each author with the eyes of the others. And to get out of the only representation they have of them. “In fact, the goal is not to summarize the person to the act he has committed, adds Hélène Marsaudon, director of Spip. Often, they arrive stigmatized. There, we want to allow them to exist, while showing them the seriousness of their act and explaining to them how to prevent it from happening again. “

This intervention lasts a day and a half (9 hours) because the perpetrators of domestic violence often need to have a new discussion after reflection.

Justice – In Montluçon, the SPIP fights recidivism and supports the social reintegration of convicts

Brian Le Goff


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