Taliban in Kunduz ask Germany for support

KunduzThe militant Islamist Taliban at the former Bundeswehr base in Kunduz have asked Germany and other states for help. This could be investments, reconstruction projects or “any kind of humanitarian support”, said their spokesman Matiullah Ruhani of the German press agency in Kunduz.

Even more than a month after the Islamists took power completely, Afghanistan is still not calm. At least two people were killed and 19 wounded in an attack on a Taliban police vehicle on Saturday.

Ruhani: The international community has supported “corrupt government” for 20 years

The former Bundeswehr base in Kunduz in the north of the Central Asian country was captured by the Islamists on August 8th. A week later they also took power in Kabul. With the withdrawal of the last US troops half a month later, after almost 20 years, the international military operation came to an end. The province of Kunduz with the capital of the same name was the focus of Germany’s military and civil engagement.

Ruhani accused the international community of supporting a “corrupt government” for 20 years, but then stopped helping when the Taliban came to power. The Taliban had brought peace to Afghanistan, the spokesman stressed. “We are not terrorists.”

Meanwhile, more than 100 Afghan journalists appealed to the international community to protect freedom of the press in their homeland. Assaults on photographers and reporters raised fears of the worst, according to an appeal published by the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Women demonstrate for the right to work, education and freedom

In Kabul, two dozen women called for the right to work, education and freedom. “Women’s rights and human rights,” the women shouted, as recorded by local media on Sunday. The Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001 was characterized in particular by the oppression of women. Many fear that the Islamists will now reintroduce similar rules. So far, they have banned girls from attending secondary schools and instructed universities to separate the sexes.

The German ex-diplomat Christoph Heusgen, referring to the Afghanistan policy of the former US President Donald Trump, told Spiegel magazine: “The Trump administration was a diplomatic amateur bunch.” It was a serious mistake to agree to an agreement with the Taliban close and leave the Afghan government aside. Heusgen was previously the foreign policy advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).



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