Taking off the “red shoes”, the top UP master in the game circle will use AI substitutes and will also sell the team’s self-developed tools.

Taking off the “red shoes”, the top UP master in the game circle will use AI substitutes and will also sell the team’s self-developed tools.

Taking off the “red shoes”, the top UP master in the game circle will use AI substitutes and will also sell the team’s self-developed tools

In the world of live broadcasting, which is dominated by traffic, Internet celebrities seem to be wearing red dancing shoes that cannot be stopped. Once the broadcast is stopped, they may be quickly replaced by other UP hosts.

What should I do when Internet celebrities enter the burnout period? The way for a top UP master in the game circle is to use his own AI stand-in.

Jordi van den Bussche (hereinafter referred to as Kwebbelkop) is a YouTuber with 15.1 million fans. Since 2011, he has been updating game-related content with the account “Kwebbelkop”.

Kwebbelkop has been in the game live streaming industry since he was 17, and his working hours are generally from 9 am to 5 pm, “Every time I want to go on vacation or want some time to myself, it is almost impossible, once I If you do this, the whole chain of funds is broken…Even if it is something you like to do, something that you have been a hobby for a long time, it will still bring you a lot of pressure.” He said.

early august,Kwebbelkop has launched a cartoon-style avatar of himself called “Kwebbelkop AI,” which mimics his voice and movements to represent him in gameplay videos.

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Kwebbelkop said that he himself will no longer appear in the film.

In addition to live broadcasting instead of him,Another version of ‘Kwebbelkop AI’ cuts videos for him

“Kwebbelkop AI” is not the first AI digital human product launched by Kwebbelkop. In 2021, Kwebbelkop launched a virtual anchor driven by artificial intelligence technology-Bloo, which is the first attempt to operate a channel with a virtual image. Now Bloo’s account has gained 785,000 fans, which has become another source of income for Kewbbelkop.

The producer of “Kwebbelkop AI” is a 10-person team, and no further details are available. Since launching Kwebbelkop AI, Kwebbelkop has spent most of his time working with his team on improving the AI ​​software rather than filming traditional game content.

In the face of Kwebbelkop’s transformation from real to virtual, many old fans expressed dissatisfaction. They complained that Kwebbelkop’s AI voice was mixed with machine synthesis, and even made mistakes in basic game operations. Kwebbelkop’s virtual image also had problems with unsmooth movements.

Kwebbelkop is quite optimistic about it, expressing his belief that critics end up being a minority audience because he hasn’t seen subscriber numbers drop.

Kwebbelkop also said he doesn’t miss the old way of doing things. “Successful videos have little to do with the individual streamer…Developing AI tools will ultimately create opportunities for more creativity and a larger audience, rather than seeking to create a stronger connection with the fanbase…I’ve been working on this for the past few years project, and his AI-generated videos will only get more interesting as time goes on and the technology gets tweaked and improved.”

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He expects that “Kwebbelkop AI” is expected to create more value for his channel, because he believes that even after his death, artificial intelligence will be able to continue to produce content and keep the brand alive forever.

More than that, Kwebbelkop seems to intend to expand the AI ​​business, and its team has developed another AI creation tool – Project V. Compared with Kwebbelkop AI, Project V is more automated, and almost only needs some prompts to complete the lines within ten minutes , images, sounds, clips, and even a VTuber image, but only some short videos can be generated.

Kwebbelkop opened up registration for the AI ​​creation tool on his social platform, but currently only allows 10 screened users to try it out.In the future, he hopes to sell the AI ​​creation tool to the public at a price of $100 a month, with a monthly limit of 60 videos.

According to him, he has 500 friends who are influential in the industry, and they all want to use his AI tools.


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