take our National Day quiz!

take our National Day quiz!

In case you didn’t recognize him, it’s Guy Parmelin in the photo. And behind is the Matterhorn.shutterstock/dr


Happy National Day to everyone! To celebrate this holiday, here is a fun test that will allow you to shine in society.

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Marie-Adele Copin

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It’s August 1st! You’ve probably planned to drink shots with your friends, eat a fondue or better, a veal sausage by lantern light and maybe even watch the fires.

But to deserve your sausage and your white shot, you have to pass the test below. There are as many questions about key episodes in history as there are questions about typical Swiss habits.

Are you worthy of an August 1 veal sausage?

Yes, it is worth it.

Last year we did this:

Another test?

Do you speak better English than Ueli and Guy?

The ultimate English test even harder than the GMAT.

A happy August 1st party to everyone (even the people of Geneva)!

2023-08-02 00:24:03

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