Taiwan’s YouTube channel subscription ranking is so unexpected!Net surprise: I only know one of the top 5


Do you know who is the most popular YouTuber in Taiwan?Recent《Dcard》Some netizens found when searching information that the top 5 YouTube channels in Taiwan made him very unfamiliar, and sighed that “the world has become something I don’t know.”

The information quoted by the netizen is“Wikipedia”In the YouTube rankings, the first place is “Experimental Ahong” with 3.99 million subscriptions, the second is Vidol TV with 3.9 million, followed by Jay Lee Painting (3.78 million), this group of people TGOP (3.42 million) and Omeleto (3.23 million). “Wikipedia” stated that the ranking is mainly based on “the channel address is Taiwan or the channel is established under the umbrella of a Taiwanese company.”

From the top 5, we can see some clues, such as the experiment Ahong and Jay Lee Painting. The former is famous for various strange experiments, and the latter is a parent-child channel for painting. The type is aimed at children. Choose to mark the title and content of the film in English, aiming at the international market with a larger audience, and avoid language barriers without narration.

In addition, the flow of creators and dramas in Taiwan is still amazing. For example, the famous name “TGOP of this group of people” is the most familiar name for many netizens. It has long-term high subscriptions and high traffic. Its members have won many fans support. Vidol TV It is a streaming platform owned by Sanli TV Station. With many eight-point dramas and trailers, it has long-term support from viewers.

Many netizens pointed out, “It’s me who is too angry”, “I think the first and third are high because children will watch it. Like my second-year brother, I often watch movies similar to the first place.” “Some of them are obvious. It’s not a Taiwanese channel. It’s just a Taiwanese channel.” “Those channels are mainly promoted to foreigners. After all, English is still used in the majority of the world.”

“You may still want to watch”

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