Tahiti-Moorea maritime shuttles: minimum service

Limit the mixing of populations between the islands, one way to stop the spread of the virus. For this, the companies providing the shuttle between Tahiti and Moorea play the game, in particular on weekends. Today, only 1 departure between the two islands to avoid the influx of people.

Containment requires, inter-island travel is also restricted. For the Tahiti-Moorea link, several shuttles were canceled at the weekend.

For example, only 1 departure is scheduled from the sister island on Saturdays and Sundays. Ditto in the Tahiti-Moorea direction.

This morning, only a shuttle from the Aremiti company left at 7:35 am from the Papeete ferry terminal. And the Terevau company has also changed its program with a single departure on Sunday.

The objective is of course to avoid the mixing of populations between the two islands, in particular at the end of the week.

On board the shuttles, it is also forbidden to consume anything. The physical distance of 1 m between passengers is imposed, in particular with the installation of red ribbons. Wearing a mask goes without saying.

Since the confinement, the number of passengers in the shuttles has been divided by 2 or more. “Fewer passages, fewer people to Tahiti and Moorea, a bad for a good”, said one of the managers of a shipping company serving the two islands.


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