The reason Will Smith refused to do a passionate scene

Will Smith invited Jada Pinkett Smith to the shooting of the film Seven souls so that he would be present in the passionate scenes that he shared with his co-star. The truth is that she is It was not the only time that the actor had problems when filming this type of scene. Before making […]

Chris Rock jokes about incident with Will Smith at the Oscars

Comedian Chris Rock being assaulted by Will Smith. Foto: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images Chris Rock finally made a joke about the slap he gave her Will Smith at the last Oscar ceremony, during the opening of a live presentation of his show Ego Death, in London, according to a review by The Times newspaper. […]

This was Will Smith’s biggest flop

Lately, there have been many episodes experienced by Will Smith. After slapping Chris Rock, after he made a joke about his partner, Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s life changed completely. Probably, there are many reasons that he has to have reacted like this: between his wife’s illness, the inconveniences of having an open relationship and […]

Jada Pinkett Smith accompanied Will Smith to the shoots where he had kissing scenes

Although the effervescence of the slap that Will Smith he hit Chris Rock It’s over, the blows of that historic piece of paper continue. In recent days, a statement from an actress who worked with the Oscar winner that showed an intimate situation was viralized: Jada Pinkett Smith accompanied her husband to the shootings in […]

The alternate ending of I am legend that few know

I’m legend hit the big screens around the world in 2007. This production mixed the genres of horror and science fiction; behind her was Francis Lawrence as director. For its part, Will Smith he put himself in the shoes of the main character of the story. Since the movie was released, the box office responded […]

Will Smith will have his first appearance on screen after the scandal of the Oscars

Netflix revealed today the fourth batch of interview episodes conducted by the king of late-night, David Letterman, and to the surprise of many, the guest list for the program My Next Guest Needs No Introductionincludes a celebrity who really doesn’t need any introduction… Is about Will Smithwho thanks to the program, will make his first […]

Chris Rock reacted to comedian Dave Chappelle’s attack

Chris Rock is one of the guest comedians to appear at the comedy festival Netflix Is A Jokeduring his routine, reacted to the physical attack suffered by his colleague Dave Chappelle. Rock did not miss the opportunity to make his first joke about the incident with Will Smith at the Oscars. Dave performed last Tuesday, […]

Dave Chapelle Assaulted on Show, “Was It Will Smith?” Asks Chris Rock

It was a matter of seconds in which the American comedian Dave Chappelle was tackled on stage by an attendee at his performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, as part of the festival Netflix is a Joke. Attendees to the place recorded with their cell phones the moment in which this person runs […]