Film and information day on the subject of dementia

Press release from 05.09.2022 In cooperation with the Cinexx cinema in Hachenburg, the nursing support centers in the districts of Altenkirchen and Westerwaldkreis are once again providing information on dementia and on ways of supporting and relieving caregiving relatives. Symbolphoto. (Photo: Pixabay) Hachenburg. The film and information day on the subject of dementia will take […]

“Serenade evening” with pep and pop inspired in “Wirehohn” (Weidenhahn)

Message from 07/25/2022 By Wolfgang Rabsch If you assume that only about 600 people live in Weidenhahn, then the Musikverein Weidenhahn (MVW) attracted at least a third to the church garden during its “serenade evening”. The musicians had invited the village community there to listen to good music, but also to socialize. Photos: W. Rabsch […]

Information evening of the CDU on the property tax reform

Message from 04.07.2022 The reform of the property tax is taking concrete shape this year. The property tax reform law stipulates that all properties, including agricultural and forestry operations, are to be revalued according to the tax situation as of January 1st. Archive: symbol photo can. So that the bases can be determined, all owners […]

Interview with bank representatives: Westerwald banks and savings banks in turbulent times

Press release from 07/03/2022 The CDU parliamentary group chairman Dr. Welcoming Stephan Krempel at the traditional bank talks of the CDU district parliamentary group. (PM) Photo: Private Hachenburg. In addition to informing the local politicians about current currency and financial policy issues, the meeting also served to exchange ideas on the economic situation in the […]

Entertaining ordination service by Pastor Carsten Schmitt in Ransbach-Baumbach

Press release from 06/27/2022 “At the beginning there was a sermon with black humor” – this is what the Westerwald Evangelical Dean’s Office writes about the ordination service of Pastor Carsten Schmitt in Ransbach-Baumbach – and raises hopes for a special event. And they won’t be disappointed. The ordination service provided striking moments that stood […]

Ready for film – cinema for people in their prime: Elvis

Message from 06/27/2022 The morning program of the special film series by Cinexx Hachenburg and the Westerwald contact and information center for self-help (Wekiss) shows: “Elvis”. Photo: Private Hachenburg. Elvis: Biopic, 161 minutes long, with an intermission. He was one of the first to shape his genre and the rockabilly movement, which mixed classic rhythm […]

Musikkirche: Musical evening service with “Frechblech”

Message from 06/22/2022 With a cheerful and lively program, the Musikkirche, Kirchstraße 14 in 56235 Ransbach-Baumbach, invites you to a summer musical evening service on Saturday, July 9th at 5 p.m. with Frechblech, the solo quintet of the Protestant Deanery Westerwald. Photo: Private Ransbach-Baumbach. Fresh arrangements of various Abba songs and compositions by George Gershwin, […]