Weather report – Milan, taste of summer: almost 30 degrees

12 maggio 2022ore 16:383BMeteo editorial team reading time13 seconds CHRONICLE, summer day Wednesday in many parts of Northern Italy. In Milan, temperatures reached 30 degrees centigrade in the afternoon. Several shirtless people in Parco Sempione. For all the details go to the Milan Weather section To monitor the rainfall in progress, their intensity and evolution, […]

Weather report Video – Sahara sand in Courmayeur «3B Meteo

16 March 2022ore 23:543BMeteo editorial team reading time27 seconds Unreal scenery in the western Alps, due to the arrival of a considerable amount of sand from the Sahara, driven by the rising of warm siroccal currents. These images were shot in the early afternoon in Courmayeur on the Checrouit slopes. The largest amount of Saharan […]