Amazon completes acquisition of MGM for about 1 trillion yen, “007” “Rocky” “Robocop” etc. will be delivered on prime video | TechCrunch Japan

Amazon has completed the acquisition of MGM (Metro-Goldwyn Mayer) for $ 8.5 billion on March 17, US time.Announced.. With the completion of the acquisition, more than 4,000 movies and more than 17,000 TV shows will be part of Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video. This list includes masterpieces such as “007”, “Rocky” series “Fargo”, “Robocop”, and […]

The University of Tokyo fully automates the creation of digital twins for the human body, from video image input to motion analysis, muscle activity analysis, and database creation | TechCrunch Japan

Visualize 3D data of skeletal movement and muscle activity with a dedicated application using the game engine “Unity” On March 3, the University of Tokyo will fully automate the process of three-dimensionally reconstructing the pose of the human body on a computer from video images taken by multiple cameras, and immediately creating a database and […]

Meta, Head of Global Community Development Resigns After Being Filmed in Sexual Intercourse Video with Minors | TechCrunch Japan

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is an amateur decoy investigation conducted by Jeren A. Miles, a global community development manager, to catch pedophiles. A video of how it appears inYouTubeSpread in, thenReddit(Reddit)SuchAfter being reprinted on TechCrunch, I confirmed to TechCrunch that I am not currently in an employment relationship with the company. A two-hour video posted […]

Twine, a networking tool for remote work, acquires Glimpse, a platform for matching participants in video chat | TechCrunch Japan

For virtual events and remote teamsNetworking toolsI will provide atwine(Touine) will soon provide the service to Zoom.This is a startup backed by Y Combinator, which was developing a “speed matching” platform designed for virtual events.GlimpseThanks to the acquisition of (Grimps). Glimpse’s idea is to provide a way to facilitate the connections that are common in […]

Meta closes experimental dating video service “Sparked” | TechCrunch Japan

Meta has emailed users of the service that it will be terminating its video-based speed dating app, which it has been testing since 2021. In April 2021, the company, which was called Facebook at that time, launched a new dating service “SparkedOfficially admitted that we are testing.The service is an in-house new product development teamNPE […]

NASA integrates Alexa and Cisco Webex into Artemis 1 to enable telemetry reading and video calls with voice control | TechCrunch Japan

Amazon NASA has announced a design of experiments, Callisto, in collaboration with Amazon, Cisco, and Lockheed Martin to see if astronauts can benefit from commercial technologies such as AI voice assistants. Callisto will integrate Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and Cisco’s Webex technology into the Orion spacecraft to validate commercial communication technologies such as voice assistants […]