75% of Chinese people have insufficient intake!The National Health Administration raises the recommended daily amount of vitamin D @ 食力foodNEXT‧Factual knowledge channel

Food you should know According to the eighth edition of the National Health Administration’s “National Dietary Nutrient Reference Intakes”, for Chinese people over the age of 50, the recommended intake of vitamin D has been increased to 15 micrograms (µg) per day. According to this revision, more than 75% of men and women take it. […]

Victim of a failed aesthetic operation, top model Linda Evangelista tries to

Her face marked the 1990s. Linda Evangelista, super top model, then multiplied her appearances in clips, advertisements or on the front pages of magazines. But for over a year, the Canadian model had been living as a recluse. In September 2021, she spoke on Instagram to explain the reasons for her absence: a cosmetic operation […]

South Africa. Insecurity-weary Johannesburg residents try to make

Kagiso. From our correspondent. The collective and repeated rape of 8 women on August 29 by men dressed in blankets (the traditional dress in Lesothoa country entirely landlocked in the territory of South Africa) caused consternation among the inhabitants of Kagiso, a township west of Johannesburg in South Africa, surrounded by old gold mines. The […]

Photo : Testing a Planetary Exploration Robot on Mount Etna

Exploration Robots. ©2022 Giuseppe Di Stefano – Etna Walk/Handout via REUTERS Merdeka.com – Tried a Planetary Exploration Robot on Mount Etna. Scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center are testing remote-controlled robots for future space exploration. The experiment was carried out at an altitude of 2,600 meters on the slopes […]

A fan paid dearly for trying to enter the UFC octagon. Video – Boxing/MMA

May 10, 2022 (01:19) One of the spectators of the tournament UFC 274 made an attempt to get into the octagon after the main fight of the evening, which took place in Phoenix (Arizona), according to Sports.kz. “May be shocking.” Kazakh fighter named the winner of the fight Makhachev – Oliveira in the UFC The […]