Information about metastases in breast cancer due to minor armpit surgery

In patients with breast cancer with metastases in the armpit, all lymph nodes in the armpit are often removed after treatment with chemotherapy In women with breast cancer and metastases in the lymph nodes of the armpit, not all axillary lymph nodes need to be removed as standard. A small operation gives a good prediction […]

Video of the first 3D click denture in the Netherlands

(advertisement) Facts Anders 06 september 2022 Last updated: September 05, 2022 New 3D click denture an innovative method More than 2 million people in the Netherlands wear dentures. Over time, dentures can become loose and painful. A new method has been developed at Radboudumc: 3D-printed teeth that are clicked onto implants. It is a nationwide […]

Coronavirus variants less infectious for the brain

Notably, loss of smell appears to be less common after infection with omikron BA.1 The omikron BA.1 variant of the coronavirus is less able to penetrate the brain and causes less inflammation in brain cells than the virus variant from the first corona wave. This is the result of research with hamsters and human brain […]

Risk of death after organ transplantation associated with abnormal gut flora

This is apparent from a large, long-term study by researchers from the UMCG The gut flora (also called microbiome) of patients who have had a kidney or liver transplant is less diverse after transplantation than in the general population. This change in gut microbiota is associated with poorer health status and a greater risk of […]

18 different tumors from a single tube of blood

Researchers have discovered that the genetic material in the form of RNA in platelets changes under the influence of a tumor Refinement of a new technique now makes it possible to trace 18 types of cancer. Using this technique (thromboSeq), cancer patterns in the RNA of platelets have already been discovered in a previous study. […]

Less iodine in food is a risk for pregnant women

Over the past 15 years, the amount of iodine that we in the Netherlands ingest through our diet has fallen by a third We are getting less and less iodine through our diet, which can be worrisome for pregnant women. Too little iodine can lead to problems with brain development and growth of the child. […]

Patients happy with remote care

Muscle diseases such as ALS have a huge impact on patients’ lives Over the past five years, rehabilitation care providers have monitored the course of a group of patients with a muscle disease such as ALS using an online healthcare platform. PhD student Jochem Helleman of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center investigated what patients think […]

Discovered how malaria parasite survives in mosquitoes

Malaria parasites, or more specifically sporozoites, wait in the mosquito’s salivary glands for it to sting a human Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) have discovered how malaria parasites escape the immune system of mosquitoes. The so-called QC enzyme changes proteins on the outside of the malaria parasite in such a way that […]

Vein in severe thrombosis leg swept clean by new device

Aggressive clot-dissolving drug and multi-day hospitalization no longer necessary Erasmus MC has a new device that can be used to treat a serious form of acute deep vein leg thrombosis. Six patients have now been successfully treated with it. Erasmus MC was the first hospital in the Benelux to use the device. The device works […]

Hope for recovery of muscle strength in rare, hereditary muscle disorders

Under the name Generate Your Muscle, researchers want to promote the production of muscle mass and tissue by using healthy, endogenous muscle stem cells. A consortium led by scientists from Maastricht UMC+ is starting clinical trials for an innovative stem cell therapy against, among other things, genetic muscle disorders and muscle breakdown in the elderly. […]