A 60-year-old man arrested in US church shooting, kills one

There was a shooting in the church. in the state of California, United States One person was killed and five were injured. Today (16 May 2022), the AP news agency reported that A man of Asian descent, in his 60s, raided the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, Calif. The church is having a luncheon. […]

CNN showed footage of the killing of civilians by the Russian military. VIDEO

CNN showed footage of the killing of two civilians by the Russian military in the vicinity of Kyiv. The video footage from the surveillance camera is dated March 16. On it, a group of Russian soldiers stop and search the owner of a local car dealership and 68-year-old security guard of the company, Leonid Plyats. […]

Health districts 12 in the south have 46 “Nousai” malaria.

Songkhla Public Health People warned to beware of ‘Nousai’ malaria transmitted from monkeys to humans. with the Anopheles mosquito as a vector According to the data, there are 46 confirmed cases in District 12 in the area, including Yala province 22, Songkhla 19 and Satun 5. Songkhla Provincial Public Health Doctor Songkhla Province, MD. Songkran […]