The Social Media Fatigue | world | DW

It had been quiet on actor Tom Holland’s social accounts for around six weeks. The Spiderman actor finally reported back with a video on Instagram – only to say goodbye to his fans and followers again. “I took a break from social media to protect my mental health because I find Instagram and Twitter too […]

Actor Tom Holland announced that he will leave social networks for mental health

The British actor, Tom Holland, protagonist of Spider-Man, recently announced through a video he shared on his Instagram account, that stay away from social media since he considers them harmful to his mental health. In the video of about three minutes, the famous actor says that He has deleted all his profiles from social networks, […]

Tom Holland leaves social media for his mental health

The actor and boyfriend of Zendaya has decided to take a break from public life because he says he feels overwhelmed. “Asking for help shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of,” he said. There are more and more public figures who are willing to speak loud and clear about mental health. In our country, women […]

Lots of popcorn cinema | Burgos Daily News

In August, it’s time for the beach, but also for movies and popcorn on Movistar Plus+, with Tom Holland in adventure mode, the adaptation of one of the funniest Spanish comedies, the return of the zombies from Resident Evil and a musical hit for the whole the family. UNCHARTED Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio […]

“Uncharted” success gives us the next game adaptation – News 2022

It’s been a few months since the video game adaptation “Uncharted” started. When the film was still in the cinemas, director Ruben Fleischer presented the next video game that he wants to bring to the big screens. He also named Tom Holland, who could be there again. Tom Holland also worked with director Ruben Fleischer […]

Is morality needed to build a society?

Is it possible to talk about good and evil without a transcendent norm? Is there an origin to morality or do we construct it ourselves? And in what direction is the Western world moving today in its view of moral issues? These are topics covered in this week’s Hotspot, which is the last of the […]