Shocking.. the reaction of a family who met their son from Amjad Youssef’s video

Khabarni – The families and friends of the victims of the Tadamon massacre, south of Damascus, began to identify the faces of some of the victims who appeared in the leaked video of the massacre, which was published by an investigation prepared by two researchers, and a report was published by The Guardian newspaper, documenting […]

Khabarni website: Parliamentary skirmishes in the morning session

Khabarni – The morning session of the House of Representatives witnessed, on Monday, skirmishes between MPs Ali Al-Khalayleh and Suleiman Abu Yahya.The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ahmed Safadi, intervened to resolve the dispute. He had called on Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya to appoint the House of Representatives instead of electing it so as not […]

Video.. the accident that killed 3 brothers in Zarqa

Khabarni – The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said that the rescue and ambulance teams in the Zarqa Civil Defense Directorate dealt today with a deterioration accident involving a vehicle and its collision with five vehicles and an electric pole in the Al-Ghuwayriyah area. As a result of which three deaths occurred and […]

News website: After their wedding, an Egyptian beats his bride in the middle of the street

Khabarni – The city of Ismailia, eastern Egypt, witnessed a strange incident, where two newlyweds and their relatives exchanged beatings and insults minutes after their wedding, before the bride was injured and a police report was drawn up. The pioneers of communication in the coastal governorate circulated a video of the quarrel between the newlyweds […]

Watch the video.. People stripped of their humanity

Dr.. Osama Abu Al-Rub I was shocked while browsing Twitter with many accounts that showed the video of the young man, may God have mercy on him, who threw himself over Abdoun Bridge. The video was transmitted by people who call themselves activists and journalists, and even news websites transmitted the video, and some of […]