Marketing – La Palma current

The sports club had made such a nice agreement. Atletico Paso can freely dispose of its exploitation rights on the Internet and thus generate income. Since you have with the rather unknown Internet newspaper „Palmero Newspaper“ teamed up and gave them the rights for a fixed fee per game. The Internet newspaper then set up […]

Around 100 houses destroyed by lava – SWR Aktuell

The volcano that erupted on the Canary Island of La Palma still emits fire fountains hundreds of meters high. The authorities have now brought more than 5,000 people to safety in the southwest of the island, including 500 tourists. Around a hundred houses have already been destroyed by lava all over La Palma. Spain’s Prime […]

La Palma: Canary Island volcano can grow – News abroad

The Palm – Around six kilometers long, the 1000 degree hot lava made its way across the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma. On Wednesday night, it fell into the sea – and created a new headland there. The Canary Islands volcano makes the island grow. The new land formed by the lava in the […]

Ferreras stays up late again and revolutionizes Twitter

The La Sexta journalist surprised this past morning after being seen with an image that shocked many. These were the comments that emerged in networks. Last night the lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano of La Palma reached the sea and this made The sixth interrupt their nightly programming. After midnight, Antonio Garcia Ferreras unexpectedly […]