Meghan Markle dazzled in a blue dress

Tonight, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accepted the NAACP President’s Award, for their record of special achievement and public service. In her short acceptance speech, the Duchess of Sussex underscored the couple’s commitment to racial justice and voter rights: ‘It is inspiring to think about the legacy that surrounds the Image Awards, which began shortly […]

maxi skirt and fitted turtleneck

Kate Middleton, the amazing red look Kate Middleton succumbs to red and appears in London with a superlative total red look that seems inspired by Letizia of Spain. The Duchess chose to combine an extraordinarily fitted turtleneck by Ralph Lauren and a fire-colored pleated maxi skirt that she paired with her trendy mini-bags. Red maxi […]

Seat Music Awards 2021, Annalisa lights up the stage with the electric look

The second and last evening of the Seat Music Awards 2021 it kept us glued to the screen, between the desire to dance and to leave again. In fact, the event represented a real restart of the television season, pending the start of the programs. As always, we were attracted by the looks of the […]