Direct Storage API available on PC starting today

Kathy Hope, program manager for the Microsoft DirectX team, mentioned in a DirectX developer blog that the DirectStorage API (DirectStorage API, hereafter referred to as DirectStorage) will be available on PCs starting today. This public SDK release allows developers to take advantage of the speed of modern storage devices, significantly reducing the loading times of […]

Samsung 870 QVO 1 TB SSD at € 71 and 2 TB at € 112

A l’occasion du Black Friday, les SSD Samsung 870 QVO with a capacity of 1 To and 2 To are sold a bite of bread. sells them off to respectively 71,99€ and 112,17€. As a reminder, the 870 QVO are 2.5-inch SSDs that use a interface SATA III and which carry memory NAND Flash […]

The fourth generation of super fast speed-CORSAIR MP600 PRO XT M.2 NVMe SSD

CORSAIR, favored by gamers, content creators and PC installers, released a new fourth-generation PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 solid-state drive MP600 PRO XT on September 9, 2021, with a capacity of up to 4TB, a compact size, and storage A large amount of data, suitable for any PC device, suitable for users who need to run […]