How does Elon Musk’s right hand work?

On Thursday, Musk announced a group of investors willing to invest more than $7 billion in equity to acquire Twitter, including Oracle founder Larry Ellison, a Saudi prince and crypto exchange Binance. One of the contacts who helped close the deal in video chats was Birchall, another person familiar with the proceedings. Birchall also takes […]

The First 4 Successful Private Astronauts To Space Will Return To Earth

The Russian Soyuz capsule carrying NASA’s Mark Vande Hei and cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov was successfully removed from the International Space Station (ISS) and will make a parachute landing in central Kazakhstan at 1128 GMT, according to the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Joint US-Russian return flights from the ISS are being closely watched […]

Return of space tourists postponed again

space tourists Souvenir photo before heading back to earth: world tourists on the International Space Station ISS. Photo: NASA/dpa (Photo: dpa) Yesterday, the undocking of the four international astronauts was postponed for the second time, private space company Axiom Space said online. The reason for the delay is bad weather conditions. The group will therefore […]

Team of All-Private Astronauts Launches to ISS

TEXAS, – An airplane rocket SpaceX brought the first ever launched team to the Outer Station Space International (ISS). The flight was praised by industry executives and NASAas a milestone in the commercialization of low-Earth orbit. Also read: Russia Stops Cooperation on International Space Station Due to Ukraine War Sanctions Friday’s flight (8/4/2022) was […]

First private mission to the ISS launched

Michael Lopez-Alegria Michael López-Alegría is chief astronaut at Axiom Space and commander of the “Ax-1” mission. Photo: -/Axiom Space/dpa (Photo: dpa) On Saturday, the first all-private crew – consisting of Spanish-American astronaut Michael López-Alegría, US entrepreneur Larry Connor, Israeli entrepreneur and pilot Eytan Stibbe and Canadian investor Mark Pathy – was expected at the ISS. […]

Elon Musk joins Twitter – share increases 25 percent

Elon Musk The Tesla boss is now also a major shareholder of Twitter. (Photo: AP) New York, Düsseldorf Elon Musk and Twitter have a long history: the Tesla boss has been active on the platform since June 2009, posting and replying to his more than 80 million followers day and night. This makes the billionaire […]

Elon Musk wants to get rid of the “Twitter muzzle”.

Elon Musk The Tesla founder is as popular as he is controversial. (Foto: imago images/Future Image) New York Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to overturn a regulation in court, according to which some of his tweets must first be approved by the electric car pioneer’s lawyers. The requirement agreed with the US financial regulator SEC in […]

Musk says satellite internet sent to Ukraine suffers from cyberattacks and jamming[과학을읽다]

Musk says satellite internet sent to Ukraine suffers from cyberattacks and jamming[과학을읽다]

Musk says satellite internet sent to Ukraine suffers from cyberattacks and jamming[과학을읽다] Edited 2022.03.06 08:55Enter 2022.03.06 08:55 [아시아경제 김봉수 기자] Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service sent by SpaceX to support Ukraine is suffering from radio interference and cyberattacks from Russia. In this regard, Musk posted on Twitter on the afternoon of the 5th (local […]

Mysterious Rocket Will Hit the Moon Tonight

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A mysterious powerless rocket will hit the surface of the moon at a speed of 9,656 km per hour on Friday (4/2). The rocket is expected to hit the moon at 19.25 WIB, precisely in the Hertzsprung crater, or at the farthest part of the moon from the earth. Until now, […]