How to turn off post suggestions on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, here’s how you can turn off post suggestions. These are recognized in a very easy way, since they appear in the publications section and do not belong to users you are following. However, these types of suggestions can be very annoying for some people, as they can somehow be […]

They also leaked intimate photos of him

All eyes are still on Santi Millán as a result of the leak of an intimate video in which he appears having sex with a woman. The actor and presenter has been the victim of a crime and not only whoever published it is guilty, but all those who have spread it through social networks. […]

Rosalía got wet with the assistance of Kylie Jenner and Rauw Alejandro was more…

Rosalia was revealing with the help of Kylie Jenner and the reaction of her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro has no loss. Catalan singer The 28-year-old knows how to attract attention, and through her daring style in fashion, her ability to experiment in music and her irreverent personality, the young woman has managed to catapult herself to […]

Now you can mute WhatsApp users during group calls

If you’ve ever made a group call over WhatsApp you will know that they are usually quite chaotic due to connection problems, bad microphones or many people talking at the same time, which makes it very difficult to have a conversation. Right now, WhatsApp voice calls support up to 32 participantsa fairly large group of […]

Snapchat is working on a paid subscription system

Application 20/06/2022 Alessandro Paluzzi, known on Twitter for his revelations about unofficial feature tests by tech giants, has just revealed that Snapchat is working on a paid subscription system called Snapchat+. Information confirmed by the principal concerned. Concretely, for a user of the application, subscribing will mean benefiting from certain advantages such as: exclusive icons […]

Tired of social networks? Britney Spears closes her Instagram account

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight in recent times for the noisy marriage ceremony that took place in recent days. After regaining the power to decide on her own, the pop princess decided to marry her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. However, something happened with the American artist, Well, there is no longer a trace of […]

William Levy sets Instagram on fire by showing shirtless abs

Everytime that William Levy shares a photo on his Instagram profile, a good part of his followers is paralyzed, but if that image is already without a shirt, the Cuban actor manages to completely set the social network on fire. The faithful community of fans of the actor and model is always aware of what […]