When the Italian Mafia Seeks Profits from the Corona Pandemic

Roma – Corona pandemic instead used by the mafia in Italy to make a profit. They blackmail the affected businessmen Corona. As reported AFP, Friday (23/10/2020) one of the victims of extortion was Italian businessman Gabriele Menotti Lippolis. He could still hear the threat ringing in his ears: “Pay, or we’ll cut you, from throat […]

Nawaf Bin Saad makes a long list of the deaths of the Saudi prince

Riyadh – Prince Nawaf bin Saad bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud died. Prince’s death Nawaf this adds to the long list of deaths of the princes in Saudi Arabia. Reported ArabNews, Wednesday (21/10/2020) SPA reported that funeral prayers were held on Tuesday (20/10) in the Kingdom’s capital, Riyadh. The cause of the death of the […]

Teacher Beheaded, Paris Shuts Down Mosque

Paris – Beheading a teacher at French, named Samuel Paty, raises the opinion of radical Islam. As a result, French authorities closed a mosque in Paris. To note, the teacher was beheaded for showing the prophet’s cartoon to his students. According to sources close to the investigation, the mosque on the outskirts of a densely […]

Sadistic student of French history teacher, Macron is increasingly furious to terrorists

Paris – History teacher in Paris, French, named Samuel Paty (47) was beheaded by his own student. The history teacher was murdered after showing the cartoon Prophet Muhammad SAW in one of the lesson sessions. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the crime scene and called the killings an “Islamist terrorist attack”. Macron said the teacher […]

Collusion Issues and Hot Videos Cover the Son of the US Presidential Candidate

Washington DC – The issue of collusion and hot videos has surrounded the son of the candidate for president of the United States of America Democrat, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. This was revealed through a US media report. As reported New York Post (Nypost) and Politico, Thursday (15/10/2020) initially the New York Post report was […]

Ambulance Puzzle Allegedly Stone Supplier Trying to Hit Police

Jakarta – The demonstration on Tuesday, October 13, left a question mark about its existence ambulance who almost hit the police. What’s wrong? As is well known, the demonstration that took place on Tuesday was initially followed by a crowd from PA 212 et al. However, just before evening, a mass of teenagers suddenly appeared […]

When Nus Kei Call the Problem is Already Finished, Offer John Kei to come to Terms

Jakarta – The conflict between Agrapinus Rumatora aka Nus Kei John Kei to cause bloodshed. After John Kei et al captured, Nus Kei hope that they are reconciled. “Peace…be at peace, want to do again, we tuh family loh, peace,” Nus Kei expressed his hope, in the Housing Green Lake City, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/6/2020). Nus […]

Record Additional Cases, Making the Corona in Brazil Translucent 1 Million

Brasilia – The addition of the case Corona virus (COVID-19) in Brazil back memecehkan a record daily high. Authority Brazil reported more than 54 thousand new cases in a day. Current total cases of Corona in Brazil has surpassed 1 million cases. Brazil is now in a position to-2 countries with cases COVID-the 19th largest […]

Facts about Fugitive the FBI Cabuli Anak di Jaksel

Jakarta – Fugitive the federal bureau of investigation (The FBI), Russ Albert Medlin captured in the heart of Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Male citizen of the United States is suspected of sexual violence against children under the age of. Polda Metro Jaya is still in coordination with the Embassy of the United States in Indonesia […]

The end of the Peace Splashy Pick-up Forced the Corpse PDP Corona in Bekasi

Jakarta – Pick-up forced the corpse called-call status of patients in surveillance (PDP) by a number of residents in the Hospital Mekar Sari, Bekasi, West Java, find the bright spots. The family and hospital agreed to make peace. This event began when a video showing the pick-up force of the body which touted the status […]