“He sought help…”

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 8:33 p.m. A ghost driver died in a serious traffic accident at 11:40 a.m. on the E40/A10 motorway towards Ostend, near Zandvoorde, on Saturday afternoon. While a motorist driving a motorhome was driving near Zandvoorde, he was suddenly confronted with a ghost driver on Saturday afternoon. The shock […]

Sofía Castro wants the models in her video clip to leave her fandom

It was at the beginning of June 2022 when the Colombian influencer Sophia Castro He debuted in the music industry with the release of the video clip corresponding to the single titled, En secreto. Production under the Universal Music record label marked the startup of the content creator for networks in singing. Mexico City hosted […]

“I washed myself naked in the street…” reveals Claire Bahi

Invited on Friday, May 20, 2022 to the program “Les Femmes d’ici” broadcast on the Ivorian television channel NCI, the Ivorian singer Claire Bahi made new confidences about her unpleasant previous life and spoke widely about the choice Christian music. Definitely, the former first lady of the coupé-décalé, who saw herself leaving the profane world […]

Was Lady Di rejected by her parents? – People – Culture

There are many rumors and speculations about the life of the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, especially regarding her childhood, a time about which very little is known. Diana Frances Spencer was born and raised in a life of privilege, in Norfolk, England. His parents, Johnnie and Frances Spencer, were prominent members of the English […]

the data of his phone decrypted, the Belgian was not alone the night he disappeared

The program “Under Investigation”, broadcast Monday evening on Channel 9, highlights the research and deductions drawn by relatives of the young disappeared, a private detective, Ken Gamble and a cybersecurity advisor, Nigel Phair. They closely examined the data and geolocations that could be retrieved from Théo Hayez’s phone, although the device was never found. The […]

New revelations about Princess Diana shock everyone

Princess Diana died in a car accident on August 31, 1997. This tragedy shook the world and to this day various revelations open the door to the life of the princess. Rebellion: Princess Diana blew up the royal family with this audacity When you think of Lady Dee, the first thing that comes to mind […]