actors in vector control and prevention remain mobilized

The transmission of the disease is slowing down and the number of cases recorded since the beginning of 2022 remains much lower than in previous years (933 cases to date compared to 8,105 cases in 2021 at the same period). Although the circulation of dengue fever was maintained throughout the austral winter, the vector control […]

Number of cases down but caution still needed

Dengue fever situation as of April 26, 2022 (Public Health data France Reunion, ARS) The number of weekly cases has remained stable for the past two weeks, but visits to the emergency room for dengue fever are increasing. The situation still corresponds to an inter-epidemic period. Since January 1, 2022 • 933 confirmed cases • […]

Food shortage, revolts, suicides: Tension is rising in Shanghai

For two weeks, Shanghai and its 25 million inhabitants have been under strict confinement. In question, the worst viral contagion that the country has known since the start of the epidemic with tens of thousands of daily cases. China has adopted the choice of zero covid on its territory, unlike many countries which have opted […]

Woman narrowly escapes shelling in Kharkiv

While the international community debates the notion of genocide in Ukraine with the ongoing conflict, the reality is unanimously catastrophic. Russian bombardments can strike the population at any moment. The fighting intensified in Mariupol where the last resistance fighters did everything not to hand over the city to the Russians. Other areas are also bombarded. […]

Pascal Aboukir placed in solitary confinement after posting a live video from his cell

“It is a scourge within our penitentiary centers” comments Vincent Pardoux, the secretary general of FO Penitentiary. In Domenjod and especially in St-Pierre, parcels containing all sorts of objects, including mobile phones, reach the prisoners’ cells. In St-Pierre, the parcels arrive all the more easily as when they are thrown, they fall directly into the […]

The “Macron method” praised by his supporters

Péï supporters are very complimentary towards President Macron Gathered around the operational correspondent of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign, Éric Leung, the supporters of the tenant of the Élysée present never ceased to praise the “Macron method”. A method “which has already proven itself in recent years in Reunion”. A built formula “throughout the quinquennium” where the […]

Vigilance heavy rain over the East and North-East this evening

A degradation approached the island at the end of the day from the East and brought us rains in a steady flow from East to South-East. As the hours go by, these sometimes stormy rains intensify and can give significant accumulations, especially in the East and South-East regions during the night. This rainy-stormy situation lasted […]

The cable car stopped again but that’s normal

The cabins of the Papang cable car stopped turning in the sky of Saint-Denis this Thursday, twice, around noon and 4 p.m. Brief stops, tempers the Sodiparc which removes any doubt about the occurrence of a breakdown. If the Dionysians have indeed been able to see that the wind accompanies this day of Thursday in […]

Gourmet dishes from Michelin-starred chef Kelly Rangama in business class

Company press release: Anxious to further improve the quality of the services offered to its high-contribution customers, Air Austral has chosen to entrust Reunionese chef Kelly RANGAMA, a rising starred chef, revealed by the program “Top Chef” and today at the head from the Parisian restaurant Faham, the signature of new dishes which will soon […]