There are islands here at an absolute bargain price

Who hasn’t dreamed of living far away from the world on their own island? Australians are now making the dream come true and buying tropical islets for home use – because they are now cheaper than a house in Sydney. Wild scrubland, in which kangaroos and ant urchins live, surrounded by bright blue water – […]

Secretly offer the agent more when viewing the apartment

Dhe building interest rates are rising somewhat, real estate prices are much more pronounced – and at the same time the scramble for the coveted apartments in the big cities is becoming more and more extreme. This is what Mirjam Mohr, board member of the credit broker Interhyp, reports in an interview with the FAZ. […]

Condominiums: Will the real estate bubble in Hamburg burst from 2025?

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Investments paid off too early: Evergrande admits mistakes made by managers

Saturday, September 18, 2021 Investments paid out too early Evergrande admits mistakes made by managers Chinese real estate giant Evergrande is in serious trouble. Now the company admits mistakes – at least with several managers – and announces “severe penalties”. The ailing Chinese real estate giant Evergrande has admitted misconduct by several high-ranking managers. Six […]