Hiroyuki directly hits “Henoko sit-in protest” and discusses, many misunderstandings surrounding Okinawa overflowing with SNS | News & Analysis | Diamond Online

Photography: Taro Okesa “Sitting in” has become a hot topic on SNS. Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel, posted a photo on Twitter of a visit to Henoko, Okinawa Prefecture. While the post drew criticism, there were also many voices of support. Underlying this is the indifference of people living on the mainland to Okinawa. […]

Thuringia: Around 36,000 people at demonstrations on Monday

Around 370 people had also gathered in direct view of the Theaterplatz under the motto “Destroy the unity of the right-wingers”. According to the police, the protest went smoothly. The city of Gera distances itself in advance The city of Gera distanced itself from the call for demonstrations parallel to the Höhlerfest. The occasion was […]

Police disperse demonstration against mobilization in Dagestan

People disagree with President Vladimir Putin’s decision to declare partial mobilization. In many videos circulating on social media, people are shouting, “No war.” The demonstrations are largely women. The protests began after more than 100 men received a conscription order in one of the Dagestan towns with a population of around 8,000. The police fired […]

Russia arrests 700 protesters against Putin mobilization orders

The BBC news agency reported thatprotestIt opens after the presidentVladimir Putin ofRussiaannounced plans to mobilize 300,000 able-bodied men to join the war inUkrainea few days ago Even unauthorized protests are illegal in Russia. latest yesterday President Putinhas signed a decree to impose penalties of up to 10 years in prison for soldiers caught deliberately surrendering […]

The mining basin will take its protest to Madrid for the lack of doctors

The residents of the Cuencas Mineras region, led by the Rural Action Movement (MAR), will gather at the gates of the Congress of Deputies buildingin Madrid, next October 27 to protest the lack of doctors in the Utrillas health center, on which they depend healthily. The mobilization in the Spanish capital will culminate a battery […]