A 60-year-old man arrested in US church shooting, kills one

There was a shooting in the church. in the state of California, United States One person was killed and five were injured. Today (16 May 2022), the AP news agency reported that A man of Asian descent, in his 60s, raided the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, Calif. The church is having a luncheon. […]

Health districts 12 in the south have 46 “Nousai” malaria.

Songkhla Public Health People warned to beware of ‘Nousai’ malaria transmitted from monkeys to humans. with the Anopheles mosquito as a vector According to the data, there are 46 confirmed cases in District 12 in the area, including Yala province 22, Songkhla 19 and Satun 5. Songkhla Provincial Public Health Doctor Songkhla Province, MD. Songkran […]

Early morning 25-27 Apr. Watch “Four Planets Parade” with “Dao Kieng Duean”

Sor. Chuan Chom “Four Planets Parade” with “Dao Kieng Duean” near dawn, 25-27 April. This can be observed with the naked eye all over the country. east Today (22 Apr 2022), National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) (Public Organization) revealed that on April 25-27, there will be a parade of four planets, Saturn, Mars, Venus, […]

Controversial “Rescue Volunteer” quarreled, one person died

Clash in the middle of the night Between Po Tek Tung Foundation staff and Siam Ruam Jai, one person was killed. While admitting that it was caused by a conflict in the rescue area, reported false incidents, but refused to claim benefits. Late night clashes between Po Tek Tung Foundation staff with the staff of […]

Israeli police clash with Palestinians, more than 100 injured

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces at Al-Aqsa Mosque This resulted in about 100 injuries. Today (15 April 2022) foreign news agencies reported that Palestinians threw stones at Israeli police. stranded at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Police responded with rubber bullets and light grenades. to disperse the protests About 100 people were injured in the violent clashes. […]

new york police Speeding after gunman in subway train injures 17

New York subway shooting occurred At least 17 people were injured, but no deaths were reported. The assailants opened fire after smoke exploded inside the train. While the police are still in the process of chasing the perpetrators. ignorant motivation On April 12, 2022, those in the shooting took pictures of the minute at the […]

“Virot” confidently sweeps the chair At least 20 MPs

“Wirot” is confident that the candidates of the Sor Kor. Sweep at least 20 chairs, the rest of the time will accelerate to the area. hopes to get more chairs in 50 districts, indicating that the people complained about the problem of the water management system the most Today (12 April 2022), Mr. Wirot Lakkanadisorn, […]