Pope Admits: Priests and Nuns Watch Porn | News

It started out as a harmless question – which the Pope used as a warning and a confession. Can the believers use the technologies of the modern world? Like a cell phone? “You have to use them, you just have to use them for that, as a help, to get by, to communicate. That’s fine,” […]

The Three Musketeers – Trailer

A star-studded comedy adventure that will dazzle moviegoers everywhere! It’s an action-packed story of three loyal swordsmen…

Many people celebrate 60 years of priesthood Georges Verhaeghe

The municipality of Herne, Bever and Galmaarden, the parishes and associations of Sint-Pieters-Kapelle celebrated the 50th anniversary of Georges Verhaeghe’s parish priesthood en masse on Sunday. The 87-year-old Verhaeghe has also been a priest for 60 years. Read more under our video of the full celebration Georges Verhaeghe himself presided in his anniversary celebration, assisted […]

A sadist and a necrophile, experts said of the persecuted priest

Psychiatrists and psychologists who investigated the accused man concluded that his actions were motivated by sexual desire. “He is excited by the effect of pain on sexual objects. Due to the personality disorder, the remedy is uncertain,” say the experts. At the same time, they point out that his stay at liberty is dangerous in […]

D: Charges against priests in the Diocese of Würzburg

The public prosecutor’s office in Aschaffenburg has brought charges against a Catholic priest in the district of Miltenberg. She accuses the priest of sexual assault with violence. This was confirmed by the senior public prosecutor Monika Schramm on Tuesday at the request of the German Catholic News Agency (KNA). The standard range of penalties ranges […]

Italy: Swiss physicist is ordained a priest

On Saturday, 24 members of the Opus Dei Prelature from nine countries will be ordained in Rome, including a Swiss physicist. The ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. One of the candidates for ordination is 35-year-old Lorenzo De Vittori from Lugano. The Swiss studied theoretical physics at ETH Zurich. His research focus was in the field […]

After allegations of abuse, volunteers lead church services in Lürrip

April 15, 2022 at 12:00 p.m Shortage of priests in Mönchengladbach : A community saves itself Several volunteers have been trained to be leaders of the Liturgy of the Word at St. Mary’s Enfängnis. From left: Maria Dreßen (66), Marianne Schmitz (71), Wilma Döhmen (65) and Astrid Köhler (44). Missing: Helmut Klein (80). Photo: Reichartz, […]

Ukraine: ‘In Mariupol, inhabitants under non-stop bombing’ – World

Civilians trying to escape Mariupol in southern Ukraine tell of desperate scenes in the city where Russian forces have stepped up the siege. This was reported by the BBC which collected the testimonies of citizens. Father Pavel Komashevsky, a priest, said that in residential areas, residents are bombed relentlessly night and day, with the roar […]