Number 7 of Postillon24 News

Number 7 of Postillon24 News

In cooperation with Yahoo: Issue 7 of Postillon24 News – We announce that…

REPORTING. The last New Year’s Eve tour of “Mick the Postman”

The postman’s schedule, it is an excuse to give out gifts for services rendered throughout the year. Mickaël Fourel, 50, knows his job well. He has been working at La Poste for twenty-eight years, including twenty years as a postman in Liffré, 7,800 inhabitants in Ille-et-Vilaine. Since then, he has also known the people well, […]

REPORTING. The postman’s calendar, handpicked production

Under the metal beams of the Oberthur factory, cardboard covers covered with color photos, puppies or headlights, vintage cars or stars from the 1980s, are piled up as far as the eye can see. In the middle, machines. They cut, glue, assemble. Further on, shelves connected by conveyor belts. This is where are assembled and […]