Bluntly what is the best Indiana Jones movie?

Indiana Jonesthe story created by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg, is undoubtedly one of the most important and beloved sagas of cinema. With Harrison Ford in the role of Henry Jones Junior, the saga that began in 1981 continues to conquer old and new generations. The history of the film goes back a […]

the day after… – Libero Quotidiano

Aboubakar Soumahoro desperate and in tears in the video posted on his page Facebook did not convince anyone. This is what emerges from a research by SocialCom which, with the help of the Blogmeter platform, analyzed for Adnkronos the conversations of the last week on the affair involving the wife and mother-in-law of the deputy […]

Musk resets his account after a survey

Since landing on Twitter, the new owner of the social network, Elon Musk, has not stopped making controversial decisions. On this occasion, the founder of Space X has announced that it is reestablishing the account on the social network of former US President Donald Trump after promoting a survey that has been favorable to this […]

Kaczyński’s meetings with voters harm PiS

The president of Law and Justice continues his tour around the country. Events with the participation of Jarosław Kaczyński are organized as part of a tour around the country entitled “Good Government for Difficult Times”. The action is to last until the end of this year and is not only an opportunity to meet voters, […]

News website: The closest video documenting the Taksim explosion

Khabarni – A new video clip documented the moment a suicide bomber blew himself up among shoppers in the Turkish capital, “Istanbul”. The video shows a large crowd of shoppers in the streets of the Turkish capital, walking normally in the street before a big explosion occurs. Within a few seconds, everything turned to ashes […]

Khabarni website: Tariq Al-Habib: Homosexuals are persecuted

Professor and consultant psychiatrist Tariq al-Habib said that “homosexuals” are persecuted in many societies, and a “legal, jurisprudential psychological” strategy must be developed to deal with them. He added during his appearance on the Ya Hala program that they are being persecuted because we did not respect that it is a disease or a problem […]

An angry woman assaults an Emirates airline employee – video

Screenshot from a video of a woman assaulting an Emirates airline employee A woman physically assaulted an Emirates airline employee at Mexico City International Airport, after she was late for her flight, according to several news sites. And a video spread on social media, of the woman in a fit of anger, attacking an Emirates […]

No laps, which is the best James Bond?

Currently the position of James Bond is vacant because Daniel Craig said goodbye with No Time to Die, film number 25 of the franchise. As producers search for the perfect star for the role, we want to know who’s the best. 007 until now. James Bond was created by the English journalist and novelist Ian […]

Study links video games and heart attacks in children

Nabataeans – A recent medical study has found that video games can cause heart attacks in children with undiagnosed heart problems. It is known that some children are born with an “arrhythmia” that can only be detected by examination.. About two million people in the UK live with this condition, for example, and can lead […]