HSG Krefeld gambled away their good starting position

HSG: Bartmann, Hasenforther, Hüttel – Krings (8), Novickis, buckle, Schneider (4), Noll (2), Hahn (6), Kübler (1), Molz, Braun, Brüren (4), Jagieniak (3), Mircic (1). Tabel: 1. HSG Konstanz 4 games, 6:2 points, 137:106 goals 2. SG Pforzheim 4 Sp. 6:2, 121:105 3. VfL Pfullingen 3 col., 4:2, 89:80 4th HSG Krefeld 4 games, 4: […]

HSG Krefeld expects a hell of a spectacle

Apr 28, 2022 at 6:17 p.m 3. Handball Bundesliga : Eagles expect one hell of a spectacle Like here after the game against Konstanz, the Eagles want to celebrate after the last home game against Schalksmühle. Before that, a victory in Pforzheim is to come. Photo: Schoofs Krefeld Third division handball team HSG Krefeld Niederrhein […]

At the Theater Krefeld, singer Gabriela Kuhn is the colorful woman

January 20, 2022 at 12:00 p.m Singer at the Theater Krefeld : Gabriela Kuhn – The colorful woman A Munich child on the Lower Rhine: Gabriela Kuhn. She is one of the most versatile singers in the theater’s music ensemble. She was on stage 500 times in the premiere of the musical “Elisabeth” in Vienna. […]

Video triggers criticism of police violence in Baden-Württemberg

A police officer kneels on a man on the ground. Then the policeman hits the man’s head. The outcry on the net is great. But the police defend the measures. A police operation on Saturday afternoon in Pforzheim is currently causing a stir in the network. A video that circulated on social networks shows how […]